HK Asia Heart Centre - Patient visitor guide


When preparing for your appointment with our doctors, please take note of the followings. Please bring your current medications to our Centre if there is any or make note of the name, dosage and frequency of your medication.

If you have any recent investigations (such as blood test or imaging studies), please provide a copy of the studies and/ or reports for consultation. The information will help your doctor to have a more comprehensive evaluation of your condition.

Please bring along your:

● Hong Kong Identity Card / Birth Certificate (for your child) / Valid travel document
● Any Radiology films, DVDs or relevant studies
● Any blood test results or biopsy report
● List of medications you are currently taking

If you have already joined the “Public-Private Interface – Electronic Patient Record Sharing Pilot Project” in public hospitals, our doctors will be able to view some of your medical records in our system. If you have not yet joined and would like to do so, you can submit application through our Hospital.

For any enquiry, please contact us, Tel: (852) 3189 7011.